Not The Death Knell

Read: Psalm 30

LORD my God, to Thee I screamed for help, and thou hast healed me. (Psalm 30: 3)

Reading the Bible in a Year:
Revelation 1-2

Not The Death Knell - "You have cancer lymph node stage IV. Swollen heart and lungs full of fluid. Spleen should be cut, only 40% chance of survival. "When the doctor was like a bell that chimes accompany the journey towards the end of my life. If I stress, it will only make the body's immune slump. I chose to turn to the Lord, pray earnestly, hope fully on the Giver of the breath of life. The result of my heart so calm, so the body produces endorphins, the body's immune producer. Now, fourteen years have passed. Doctors declared me healthy, clean of cancer cells.

David knows the name of God as Jehovah Rapha, the Lord who heals. When he was sick, he shouted for help to God and God healed him. Many times he was in a state as if at the end of death, but he knows that no one can deprive human life other than God.

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God is the creator of the world and all its contents. He is also the creator of the whole human organs. Cancer and heart disease is not a death knell. Learn and rely on the word of the Lord makes our faith grow, and enable us to face the problems of life. Faith can produce miracles. I am grateful, by the guidance of His hand, can pass through the valley of the shadow of death, and saw that His miracles are still there. I am grateful to be able to tell his kindness to the people. -IMS

Determine whether our mission in the world is finished: If we are still alive, it means we have not completed the mission. - Richard Bach

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